Introducing Black & White Coffee Roasters

Founded by best friends and barista champions Kyle Ramage and Lem Butler, Black & White believes in making exceptional coffee simple. In this new limited collection, Cometeer takes their best beans, brews them to perfection, and flash-freezes to lock in peak flavor. Melt to enjoy award-winning coffee, lattes, and more.


A super fruity coffee with notes of grape candy, peach, and strawberry jam.

La Muralla Gesha

La Muralla Gesha shines with stunning notes of jasmine tea, meyer lemon, and red plum.

The Original

The Original is approachable and lovable, with notes of citrus, honey, and chocolate.

The Future

This innovative blend is fruity and vibrant, with complex notes.

Melting is the New Making

At Cometeer, we partner with award-winning roasters like Black & White and brew their beans in a scientifically superior way at 10x strength. Moments later, we flash freeze this rich liquid coffee at -321 ºF to lock in peak flavor in the first fully curbside recyclable capsule. Simply peel back the lid and melt into your favorite coffee, lattes, and more, hot or iced - no machine required.

What You'll Get

The Black & White Collection brings you four new and incredible coffees available for a limited time from Colombia, Ethiopia, and Uganda. La Muralla Gesha and Gamatui, two remarkable single origin coffees, offer delicate, fruity, and complex flavors. The Original and The Future are two blends that are simultaneously approachable and interesting, with chocolately and vibrant flavor notes.

These are the champions

Kyle Ramage and Lem Butler go way back, and they’ve got the gold medals to prove it. After Kyle coached Lem to winning the 2016 U.S. Barista Championship, Lem returned the favor and coached Kyle to his own win in 2017.

Black & White Coffee Roasters was founded as a way to share their years of experience and expertise with the world. Focusing on relationships, education, and keeping things simple, Black & White is changing the specialty coffee game, one bean at a time.

How To Melt It

Melt any coffee drink with Cometeer

Exceptional Coffee, Impossibly Simple

Black & White’s coffee philosophy can be summed up in four simple words: “Exceptional coffee kept simple.” From the beginning, B&W has focused on making delicious coffee as accessible as possible. Their coffee is sourced and roasted to taste sweet, clean and balanced - no matter how the coffees are processed.

At Cometeer, we make incredible coffee impossibly convenient, with no need for a machine, brewing equipment, coffee grounds, or fuss. We solve the hard part of coffee brewing so that you can taste each coffee at peak flavor. In our frozen capsules, B&W coffee shines, with exceptionally bright and distinctive flavors that are still as approachable and enjoyable as ever.

Friends in Freezing Coffee

It turns out that 2017 was a big year for freezing coffee. A key part of Kyle’s winning run at the Barista Championship was using frozen coffee beans to create a uniform grind and extract better flavor. To this day, Cometeer uses this award-winning technique to optimize coffee extraction.

Kyle developed this technique with Chris Hendon, a coffee scientist who would soon become an advisor to a new start-up flash-freezing coffee to preserve exceptional flavor: Cometeer.

Why Cometeer

  • expertly-handpicked


    Ground and brewed with incredible precision to be as delicious as possible, flash-frozen at peak flavor.

  • around-the-world


    Peel back the lid and drop it into a mug. Add 8oz of water, enjoy. No machine required.

  • track-and-rate


    Make iced coffees, hot and iced lattes, and affogatos if you're feeling wild.

About Cometeer
About Cometeer

Our mission

To create a more delicious, fair, and future forward coffee-verse. From farm, to freezer, to cup we strive to raise the standards of every bean, and everyone along the way.

About Cometeer

Brewed better by science

Proprietary technology allows flavor and aroma compounds to be extracted with unprecedented precision.

About Cometeer

Cool beans

A liquid nitrogen bath of -321 degrees locks in the rich flavor profiles of each blend.

About Cometeer

How it started

Our Co-Founder Matt was searching for a method that made a better-tasting cup of coffee, and lo-and-behold, freezing it was the answer.