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Careers at Cometeer

Let’s Brew Something Great Together

We’re partnering with farms and roasters to build a new kind of coffee industry: One that prioritizes fairness, sustainability, and deliciousness from bean to bag.

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What We Do

We use proprietary, cutting edge tech to preserve coffee from the country’s top roasters at its peak and send it straight to you in perfect portions. Our farms and roasters have dedicated their lives to making the best coffee in the world—we’re here to make sure it stays that way until the last cup.

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Why You Should Join Us

First we developed and patented the first cryogenically-preserved coffee capsule, powered by our revolutionary extraction system. Now we’re partnering with top-shelf roasters and honing our product to revolutionize the $90+ billion coffee industry with a homebrewing system that delivers unparalleled flavor in under 30 seconds, for less than $2 a cup.

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Benefits and Perks

We offer highly competitive compensation including excellent healthcare, 401k matching, and free coffee (of course).

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    Competitive Pay

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    401k Match

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    Comprehensive Health Plan

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    Free In-house Coffee 
and Snacks

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Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

Our Space

We’re headquartered in the birthplace of the flash freezing revolution: Gloucester, MA. Cometeer brews, extracts, and flash-freezes our coffee domestically. Our national team is over 150 people strong, and growing even bigger to bring the coffee revolution to kitchens around the world.

A photo of the Cometeer headquarters in Gloucester, MA (Credit: Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff)