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Variety Pack:

24 Capsules
Featuring a variety of unique roasts from our award-winning roaster partners!
Cometeer partners
Delivered frozen every 2 or 4 weeks.
Cancel or skip orders at any time.
Brewed into cofee's purest liquid form
Brewed into coffee's purest liquid form
Our brew method puts a focus on grind uniformity, water chemistry, extraction yield, and more.
-321 Degrees Fahrenheit
Flash freezing immediately after brewing locks in freshness and delicious flavor.
-321 Degrees Fahrenheit
Our capsules don't require a machine
Our capsules don’t require a machine
Peel the lid back and make a coffee on-the-go. Or use at home with a K-Cup machine.
Melt the coffee ice cube to make iced coffees, lattes, espresso martinis, and even affogatos!
Guilt free
Our aluminum capsules rinse clean after use so they are the first curbside recyclable alternative.
Delivered frozen every 2 or 4 weeks.
Cancel or skip orders at any time.

Why it’s the Future of Coffee

The most delicious cup

The Most Delicious Cup


Make Hot or Iced, and even Lattes

2X the caffeine

2x the Caffeine


100% Recyclable Aluminum

K-Cup compatible

K-Cup Compatible

No machine required

No Machine Required

TSA approved

Use On-The-Go
TSA Approved

Cheaper than a cafe

Cheaper Than a Cafe

Variety Pack
Roast Preference

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Cometeer Variety Pack

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Each shipment will contain four different packs of 6 capsules. You can cancel or change this at any time.

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We'll send you ongoing shipments depending on on your coffee habit. You can change this frequency at any time.
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