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A new day has arrived on Earth for coffee.

Using science to brew incredible coffee from the world’s best beans.

What is Cometeer?
Using science to brew incredible coffee

Brewed better through science.

Our patented process was developed by a team of scientists, engineers, and coffee experts. After several years of R&D, we’ve optimized for every key variable in making unbelievably delicious coffee out of the highest quality beans.

Peak flavor preserved
at -321 degrees

A liquid nitrogen bath locks in the expansive flavor profiles developed through our innovative brewing process. The result is the most complex coffee you’ve never tasted. Keep our capsules in your freezer and simply melt into the beverage of your choice, hot or cold.

Frozen Cometeer capsule
A Better Cup

Our extraction and preservation methods result in a stronger, more flavorful cup.

Truly Sustainable

Our aluminum capsules are 100% curbside recyclable.

Take It Anywhere

If you’ve got water and a cup or mug, you can have Cometeer.

The best beans, the best roasters.

We work with an A-list of flavor-obsessed roasters from across the country.
Using their beans and our technology, we’re creating exceptionally delicious coffee.

Learn more about our roasting partners
Learn more about our
roasting partners
How you melt it

Melt all of your favorite drinks.

Melting a Cometeer is as easy as peeling back the lid of one of our capsules. Cometeer is also machine-compatible.

What the Experts Say


What’s with the name?

Comets are frozen, forward-moving, and impactful. Just like us.