Referral Program Terms of Service

1 Terms of Service

For each individual (a “Purchaser”) that completes the purchase of a Cometeer subscription using your (the “Participant”) referral link, participants are entitled to 5,000 Referral Points, exchangeable for discounts, products, and other items (“Referral Goods”) as offered from time to time. Please note, Referral Points will only be awarded on a Purchaser’s first purchase, and terms and Referral Goods may change during promotions. Purchaser's first purchase must meet a $40 minimum for both Participant and Purchaser to receive their referral reward.

Participants and Purchasers are not entitled to Referral Points for subscriptions purchased by themselves or members of their immediate family and/or those residing within the same residence, may not participate in the program by means of a bot or other automated means, may not create or utilize multiple email addresses for the purpose of circumventing these rules, and, to the extent that any Referral Goods include a discount or credit on an order, a Participant may only redeem a single such discount or credit per order.

By participating in Cometeer's referral program, each Participant and each Purchaser agrees to be bound by these program rules, as the same may be updated from time to time, as well as Cometeer's general Terms of Use, located at

Cometeer reserves the right to cancel some or all of the Referral Points of any Participant or Purchaser found to have violated these rules or the Terms of Use. Points will expire after 1 year of inactivity. Activity is defined as: making a purchase, referral completion, referral share, redeeming points/coupons.

The referral program is a limited-time program and Cometeer reserves the right to cancel the program or update these rules at any time.

The terms of this referral program will not apply in the event that Cometeer updates these rules, such updates will only apply prospectively, and not retroactively.