Fellow Carter Mug

Fellow Carter Mug

The ultimate travel coffee tumbler, a fusion of innovation and flavor, brought to you by Fellow and Cometeer. This meticulously designed tumbler not only keeps your coffee at the perfect temperature for hours but also pairs perfectly with Cometeer capsules, ensuring a consistently exceptional coffee experience on the go.

What’s a Roast Level?

Dark Roast

Classic dark rich coffee. Intense smoky, nutty, and hints of darker chocolate. Cuts through milk and cream the best.

Light Roast

Bright, floral, and fruity. Single-origin roasts and best enjoyed black. The fine wine of coffee. No milk please.

Medium Roast

Goes with anything. Notes of caramel, milk chocolate, toffee, burnt sugar. Great with milk-based drinks or black.

Mixed Roasts

A mix of our favorite light, medium and dark roasts. From smooth and balanced to bold and roasty.