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How we make it

No other company in the world makes coffee this way.

Through hyper-uniform grinding and ultra-precise extraction (a fancy word for brewing) our coffee unlocks all the complexities and subtleties of great coffee beans.

Coffee bean up close

The Best Beans

We partner with the best roasters in the country to elevate the work of the greatest coffee farms around the world. After receiving beans from our roasting partners, we carefully monitor the beans for peak flavor (which typically develops 4-7 days after roasting) and then we grind and brew. We work closely with each roaster to ensure we are extracting the optimal flavor profile of each roast.

Our Roasting Partners
Coffee dripping out of extractor

The Perfect Extraction

Also known as brewing. Our proprietary technology allows flavor and aroma compounds to be extracted with unprecedented precision. Cometeer coffee consistently achieves optimal total dissolved solids count (aka amazing flavor) and extraction levels. Basically, it’s a level of brewing perfection great baristas aspire to. We achieve it consistently, in every cup.

Frozen Cometeer coffee in hand
Frozen Cometeer coffee in hand

-321 degrees Fahrenheit

Immediately after extraction, a liquid nitrogen bath locks in the exceptional freshness and flavor. Through this very fast and extremely cold step, Cometeer tastes fresh-brewed for months and months and months. With no preservatives. Our ingredients are coffee and water!


A More Sustainable Coffee-verse

Our process is uniquely suited to reducing waste, at every step.

No grounds in our capsules

Because our capsules don’t contain grounds, they are fully recyclable.

Sustainable material

Our aluminum capsule is 100% recyclable. Metal recycles forever.

Less food waste

18+ month shelf life. No waste from poor brewing. Never make too much.

No coffee grounds wasted

We send all the spent grinds from our coffee to a local composting company.

How It Works

It’s like a hole was punched in the space time continuum and these little capsules fell out. Space is a big place. It’s hard to say for sure, but it’s unlikely there’s coffee this delicious anywhere else. There's coffee before and there's coffee after. However you enjoy coffee, this is a better way to enjoy however you enjoy coffee. Science, art, strange machinery, and -321 degrees fahrenheit. The coffee-verse will never be the same.
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