How you melt it

We do the hard part, you do the peel back the lid part.

Cometeer’s incredibly pure flavor makes any coffee drink better. Here are some of our favorite ways to melt it.

Hot Drinks

Hot Coffee

Combine frozen puck with 6-8 oz of hot water.


Coffee flavors express themselves best after cooling.

Hot (Use a Machine!)

Insert frozen capsule into the machine and select the 8 oz setting.


Shake to ensure the coffee is loose before use.

Hot Latte

Melt contents and pour into 6 oz of steamed milk or dairy alternative.


Run sealed, frozen capsule under hot water for faster melting.

Cold Drinks

Iced Coffee

Melt contents and pour into 6-8 oz of cold water, add ice.

Iced Latte

Melt contents and pour into 6 oz of milk or dairy alternative, add ice.


Dark roasts cut through milk deliciously.

And More...


Melt contents and pour over a scoop of ice cream.

Espresso Martini

Add capsule contents to 2 oz of Vodka, 1 oz Simple Syrup. Shake with ice.

On The Go

Now you can melt a great cup of coffee anywhere. Capsules taste delicious for up to 24 hours thawed.


Up, up, and away. You’ll have no trouble bringing Cometeer on the plane.

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