Introducing: Stellar Series

Once a year, we brew limited batches of the most coveted coffees in the world: winners of the prestigious Cup of Excellence. All scoring in the top 3 for their country of origin—and brewed to perfection. Enjoy top scoring beans from some of the most acclaimed farms on the planet, roasted to perfection. While supplies last, add 5 cups of single origin coffee from one of this year’s winning producers to your next box.

Few available

Stellar Series

5-pack of one of our single origin Cup of Excellence winners
This limited edition add-on features 5 capsules of one of the best coffees on earth. You'll be getting one of our six signature Stellar Series roasts.
Barista’s choice—we’ll surprise you with one of the roasts below. This one time purchase applies to your next order only.


What makes Stellar Series different?

The Stellar Series is our effort to source and purvey the highest quality coffees on earth. Our goal is to present you with a life-changing cup of coffee in the world's most convenient and accessible format.

Can I pick the coffee I get?

No, because Stellar Series coffees are in very limited quantities we are only able to provide them as Barista's Choice at this time.

Why is it more expensive?

The cost of Stellar Series is directly representative of the price paid to the top coffee farmers in the world for their coffees. Remarkably, the world's best coffees can be enjoyed for less than the cost of a regular cocktail with dinner.

When will I receive my Stellar Series?

The Stellar Series add-on will be automatically added to your next regularly scheduled subscription order.

How can I change my subscription renewal date?

You can change your subscription renewal date in your account settings, accessible with the account icon in the top-right of this page.