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Half-Caff Box

Just the right amount of caff and the perfect amount of mind-blowing flavor.

  • A mixed selection of half-caff coffees (32 cups total)
  • New, seasonal coffees every shipment
  • Recyclable aluminum capsules and packaging
How often do you need your coffee?
Choose weekly frequency
Cancel Anytime. Shipped frozen on dry ice.

Get your mug ready

We source our coffee from some of the best roasters in the world.
Joe Coffee
Bird Rock
Counter Culture
George Howell
Red Bay
Go Get Em Tiger
Black & White
Square Mile

Coffee Delivery Box

An astronaut enjoys a mug of Cometeer coffee.
The best coffee made better
Ground and brewed with incredible precision to be as delicious as possible, flash-frozen at peak flavor.
A Cometeer capsule spins in front of a bag; perfect for travel!
Impossibly Convenient
Peel back the lid and drop it into a mug. Add 8oz of water, enjoy. No machine required.
Some frozen Cometeer goodness dropping into a mug.
Make Every Coffee Beverage
Make iced coffees, hot and iced lattes, and affogatos if you're feeling wild.
About Cometeer
About Cometeer

Our mission

To create a massive positive change in the coffee verse. For roasters, farmers, and consumers.

About Cometeer

Brewed better by science

Proprietary technology allows flavor and aroma compounds to be extracted with unprecedented precision.

About Cometeer

Cool beans

A liquid nitrogen shower of -321 degrees locks in the rich flavor profiles of each blend.

About Cometeer

How it started

Our Co-Founder Matt was searching for a method that made a better-tasting cup of coffee, and lo-and-behold, freezing it was the answer.