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Introducing Square Mile Roasters

Start your Cometeer experience with 32 cups of coffee by Square Mile Coffee Roasters

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Square Mile Debut Collection

Notes of Tangerine, Toffee, Apple
Gakenke, Rwanda

Los Angeles Pacamara

Syrupy notes of Cherry and Pineapple
Ahuachapán, El Salvador


Notes of Nectarine, Pear, Honeysuckle
Embu, Kenya

Red Brick

Notes of Orange, Almond, Chocolate
Brazil and Colombia

What You’ll Get

You'll start your Cometeer experience with the Square Mile Debut Collection, which features four different coffees and eight capsules of each. Your next installment of the subscription will feature a variety of four unique Light Roast coffees so you can continue to enjoy the best of Cometeer's amazing roaster lineup.

The Square Mile Roasters Story

Since its founding in 2008, Square Mile Coffee Roasters have become the emblem of London coffee culture. Cofounded by world barista champion James Hoffmann, Square Mile prides itself on working closely with partners across the supply chain to serve exceptional quality coffees.

The end result is mindfully sourced and skillfully roasted coffees delivered to cafes and coffee enthusiasts around the world.

Two people inspecting freshly-roasted coffee beans
A person closely inspecting a handful of roasted coffee beans
A person smelling freshly-roasted coffee beans

A Global Ambassador for Coffee

James Hoffmann is a world barista champion, author of bestselling book The World Atlas of Coffee, YouTuber, and distinguished coffee professional.

As a cofounder of our newest roasting partner, James helped lead the charge to revitalize specialty coffee culture in London and Cometeer is proud to partner with him and Square Mile.

Exceptional Coffee, a New Format

With a focus on making exceptional quality coffees, Square Mile was an early believer in Cometeer’s unique brewing and freezing technology.

At the Cometeer facility, James Hoffmann got a chance to investigate some truly “weird coffee science” involving liquid nitrogen and laser particle analyzers, while testing the first batch of Square Mile Capsules. Those first capsules affirmed Cometeer as a great representation of the coffees that they meticulously source and roast.

Why Cometeer

  • expertly-handpicked

    Sip and Save

    At about $2 per cup, you’re getting barista-level goodness at a home-brew price.

  • around-the-world

    Flavor is King

    Superior coffee beans + peak flavor brewing + flash-frozen = the best-tasting coffee you’ll probably ever have.

  • track-and-rate

    Coffee in 30 Seconds

    We do the brewing so you don’t have to. No more fancy appliances. Just peel back, melt, and enjoy.

About Cometeer.
About Cometeer.

Our mission

To create a massive positive change in the coffee verse. For roasters, farmers, and consumers.

About Cometeer.

Brewed better by science

Proprietary technology allows flavor and aroma compounds to be extracted with unprecedented precision.

About Cometeer.

Cool beans

A liquid nitrogen bath of -321 degrees locks in the rich flavor profiles of each blend.

About Cometeer.

How it started

Our Co-Founder Matt was searching for a method that made a better-tasting cup of coffee, and lo-and-behold, freezing it was the answer.