Mixed Roast Curated Box

    Roast Level Pick:

      The Culmination of 700 Years of Coffee Craft & Science

      • The best beans, period

        The best beans, period

        The highest quality beans from roasters 
like Intelligentsia, Counter Culture, Equator and more.

      • The world’s most advanced brewing

        The world’s most advanced brewing

        Created by an MIT engineer to extract more flavor and aroma than previously possible.

      • Delivered to your 
kitchen hyper-fresh

        Delivered to your 
kitchen hyper-fresh

        Liquid nitrogen locks in the aroma—you’ll love tasting all the flavor notes.

      • Make any café drink
 in seconds

        Make any café drink
 in seconds

        Without the machine—or the café line. Just melt to enjoy. Hot, iced, or latte.

      How To Make Cometeer

      Perfect coffee in an instant—without the instant coffee.

      How To Make Cometeer
      Drop frozen capsule in your cup


      Drop frozen capsule in your cup

      Fill your cup with 6-8 oz. of hot water


      Fill your cup with 6-8 oz. of hot water

      Perfect black or add your milk of choice


      Perfect black or add your milk of choice

      Got Questions?

      What is Cometeer?

      Cometeer is flash frozen specialty coffee capsules from the best roasters on earth.

      How does Cometeer brew the coffee?

      Cometeer’s rich coffee extract is brewed almost 10x stronger than a regular cup of coffee. Immediately after brewing, the coffee is flash frozen with liquid nitrogen to lock in the nuanced flavors of freshly brewed coffee. Our proprietary brewing process is the result of almost 7 years of R&D by engineers and coffee scientists.

      Why is it frozen?

      Put simply, it keeps the coffee fresh! Freezing halts a number of staling and oxidative processes that degrade coffee flavors. In addition to being frozen, each capsule is flushed with an inert gas to prevent oxidation. As a result, coffee in Cometeer capsules maintains the nuanced and delicious flavors of freshly brewed coffee.

      What are the ingredients in Cometeer?

      The only two ingredients in Cometeer are coffee and water!

      Is this compatible with pod machines?

      Yes, Cometeer is compatible with traditional K-Cup brewers. Make sure to briefly run the sealed capsule under water to loosen the contents before inserting it into the machine. Cometeer is not compatible with Nespresso style machines.

      How does Cometeer ship to me?

      Cometeer ships directly to you frozen with 32 capsules at a time. Our shipments stay frozen with dry ice. Cometeer’s shipping insulation and packaging is made from plant-based recyclable materials.

      What happens if my capsules melt?

      Melted capsules retain peak flavor for 24 hours at room temperature or 3 days at refrigerated temperatures, and capsules can always be safely refrozen! Past this time, melted capsules may lack some of the bright and complex flavors of frozen capsules best enjoyed black. Refrozen capsules can be enjoyed with great coffee flavor as a base for milk drinks like hot and iced lattes. In the rare event that a shipment is delayed and melts in transit, Cometeer will reship your order for free!

      How much caffeine is in Cometeer?

      One Cometeer capsule has 180 mg of caffeine. A regular 8oz cup of coffee has about 100 mg of caffeine.

      How long does Cometeer last before going stale?

      Cometeer capsules are good for three years in the freezer. They also maintain peak flavor for 3 days at refrigerator temperatures and 24 hours at room temperature.

      Can I travel with Cometeer?

      Yes, it's even TSA-friendly! Cometeer is fantastic for travel and any situation where you can’t bring all your coffee equipment. Simply throw a few capsules into your bag and melt them on the go.

      What are the capsules made out of?

      Cometeer capsules are made of the same type of aluminum that soda cans are made of to ensure maximum recyclability.