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Cometeer brings out the flavors of Birch coffee

Where USA - New York, NY
Roasts 6 Coffees
Founder Paul Schlader and Jeremy Lyman

A Coffee Business Rooted in Community

Birch Coffee seeks to bring the true meaning of the coffee shop back to life, by connecting people and providing meaningful experiences over great coffee. Community is key to the founders, who met while in recovery, and the overarching goal of their shops is to both connect with their community as well as help their community connect with each other.

…Even down to the coffee

When Paul and Jeremy source coffees, they’re not just looking for the best coffee in the world. They are, of course — but in addition to that, their business is rooted in service, and they’re looking for producers who share that ethos and themselves work towards the betterment of their communities. So with Birch, you’re not just getting great coffee — you’re participating in a global chain of service. 

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