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Like having a barista in your freezer.

The best coffee ever. No machines, no gadgets.
Farm to Cup Reimagined

The best beans, precision-brewed and flash-frozen.

Just melt to enjoy coffee and lattes - hot or iced - in seconds.

No machine required. Fully recyclable capsule.

How to Melt

A hand dropping a cometeer capsule into a transparent mug full of hot water.
Hot Coffee

Super easy. Just add 6-8oz of hot water.

Iced Coffee & Lattes

Pre-Melt and pour into 6-8oz of iced water/milk.

A hand dropping puring a melted cometeer capsule into a transparent mug full of cold milk.

Explore Our Coffees

Every order features a rotating selection of specialty coffees crafted by the world's finest roasters, precision brewed and flash-frozen by Cometeer.

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Mixed Roast Box

A mix of our favorite light, medium, and dark roasts.

32 Cups Total, up to 4 Unique Roasts

No Commitments, Pause or Cancel Anytime

Unique Single-Origin Coffees & Blends

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What is Cometeer?
Using science to brew incredible coffee

Brewed better through science.

Our proprietary process was developed by a team of leading scientists, engineers, and coffee experts. We’ve optimized for every key variable in brewing unbelievably delicious coffee out of the highest quality beans. The result– perfectly brewed coffee at 10x strength– is flash-frozen moments later.

Peak-flavor, Flash-frozen

A liquid nitrogen shower (-321°F) locks in the expansive flavor profiles developed through our innovative brewing process. The result is the most complex coffee you’ve never tasted. Keep our capsules in your freezer and simply melt into coffee, lattes, and more– hot or iced.

Frozen Cometeer capsule
Best New Product — Kitchen Awards — Time Best Invention
“Tell Your Grandparents: Frozen Coffee Is The Future.”
- Michelle Johnson, Sprudge
“The hottest gossip of the expo.”
- Garret Odin, The Spoon
“Had fans seagulls to a chip.”
- Global Coffee Reports Magazine
“If it’s really good, high-quality coffee that you’re looking to make at home without the use of high-end gadgets, this is your best option.”
- Anna Rahmanan, Huffington Post
The recycle logo.
Environmentally Conscious

Our aluminum capsules are curbside recyclable.

A seed of coffee surrounded by rays.
A Better Cup

Our extraction and preservation methods result in a stronger, more flavorful cup.

A stylised glass full of coffee with motion lines behind it.
Take It Anywhere

If you’ve got a mug, you’ve got Cometeer — just add water. TSA approved.

Got Questions?

Is this instant or freeze-dried coffee?

No. It’s coffee in its purest form, carefully brewed at 10x strength and then frozen at the peak of flavor. Instant coffee is regular coffee that’s been dehydrated, removing most of the flavor and aroma compounds that make coffee taste so delicious and complex.

What’s with the name?

Comets are frozen, forward-moving, and impactful. Just like us.

What happens if the capsules melt?

Our capsules remain at peak flavor for up to 24 hours at room temperature and can be refrozen to lock these flavors in. Past that point, your melted capsules may lack some of the bright and complex flavors of frozen capsules best enjoyed black. However, they can be refrozen and enjoyed as a great coffee flavor as a base for milk drinks like hot and iced lattes.

How is this sustainable?

We created a curbside-recyclable aluminum capsule, and didn’t stop there — all of our packaging and shipping materials are recyclable. And, because we deal with the grounds on our end — by composting them — the capsules are easy to just drop in the recycling when you’re done with them. We also completely eliminate waste from beans or ground coffee going stale on-shelf and optimize the yield of each bean (so nothing is wasted from poor brewing).

How do I contact Cometeer about press inquiries?

Please forward all press inquiries to